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What EAR/ONS teaches us about JtR

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    I was on that Reddit Sub before he was caught and the Proboards.

    To cut a long story short...

    First and foremost, what JJD tells us is that JtR could have been LE. Be he off-duty for some or all of the crimes, still LE, and that forensic awareness allowed him to get away (yeah, early forensics for 1888, as in how to get away with murder).

    I was on the Reddit forum for years and the Proboards looking for EARONS. Read all the books - Crompton, Shelby, Winters etc.
    Bona fide canonical and then some.


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      i don't see how Jack can be described as a disorganised 'slasher' his cut were not random but very specific, attacking certain parts of the female body and seeming to 'display his victims. He dispatched them very quickly by throat cutting, so killing was not the primary kick, but cutting into the bodies and displaying or removing organs was the significant part, otherwise he would have just cut their throats and left them.
      I have also felt he had mother issues, maybe his mother was a prostitute and abused him.

      miss marple


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        The likes of DeAngelo, Rader and Ridgway all kept up a veneer of normality and were able to raise families in between their killings. Although they committed horrific crimes, they weren't on the Ripper's level. Butchering women in the street, pulling out their viscera and cutting out organs? It's conjecture on my part, but I can't see a disturbed mind like that hanging up his boots and retiring to a normal life. I'm sure there are serial killers who have done exactly that, although none spring to mind right, but most of the killers I've read about who fit the Ripper's signature were schizos (Robert Napper, Richard Chase). They both managed to have a decent run despite their disorganised nature. The Ripper may have easily been committed before the police could ever get around to catching him. Again, I could be wrong, it's only my opinion and I try to keep an open mind.