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    It's may be nothing but Israel Schwartz's witness testimony that the man walked as if partially intoxicated does offer another possibility.
    He probably was partially intoxicated,another is that he was a sailor with that peculiar gait sailors sometimes have for a while after being on board a rolling ship .


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      Originally posted by Phil Carter View Post

      Went into the link for all this and saw straight away the problem with the name.
      FOLGELMA isn'r a real name

      A REAL norwegian Name that DOES fit the English sound is FUGLEMAS

      (pronounced.. foolemah..the g is silent, the s is silent, and depending on which dialect it is spoken in, the u sounds like a double o, as in "fool".

      There are many people in Norway today with this last name.

      best wishes

      Very old thread, but I have to correct this. I am myself Norwegian, and I have neither heard of "Fogelma", nor "Fuglemas". There is no reason why that S should be silent, by the way. A quick check with Statistics Norway, , reveal the following for "Fuglemas":

      "There are fewer than 4 or none who has the name "Fuglemas". On the other hand, 196 people are named "Fuglesang" ("birds' song"). "Fuglemo" has 9 registered users, as it were.

      That said, I come across Norwegian surnames all the time which I have never encountered before. These are very often related to topography, however, and rarely surprise me. "Fuglemas" does not jive with anything, however.
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