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Feigenbaum's Lawyer's Suicide

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    Originally posted by Howard Brown View Post
    Shocktober Surprise - New Obama Criminal Connection
    by MagisterLudi
    Sun Oct 12, 2008 at 10:28:55 PM PST
    Compounding the Obama terrorist associations, the London Slimes has revealed a new connection between Presidential candidate Barack Obama and another unsavory character, notorious slasher and serial killer Jack the Ripper, who like Bill Ayers, never expressed remorse for his crimes and was never punished for those crimes. While Barack Obama attended Columbia University in Chicago, a certain Joseph Brecht worked on the custodial staff. Obama was known to be friendly to Brecht, often stopping to greet Brecht in the halls on his way to class. It has also been rumored that Obama went so far as to purchase a box of Girl Scout cookies from Brecht on behalf of his daughter.
    Brecht is the great, great grandson of a distant cousin to Ripper suspect Carl Feigenbaum.
    It should be noted, just in case some readers are gullible, that this blog post was a joke published on the DailyKos website last October.

    Otherwise, good work here Howard & Nina.

    Merry Christmas,



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      An All Absorbing Passion........

      Morning Herald ( Lexington,Ky.)
      April 28,1896
      Page ONE

      Jack The Ripper

      And Carl Feizenbaum(sic) Supposed To Be One and The Same Man


      To Be Published In New York This Morning-He Had A Mania For


      Women--The Story As Told By His Lawyer To The Press.


      By Associated Press:

      New York,April 27-

      The following is from the gist of the article ( see link to follow for those who do not subscribe to Ripper Notes) which Wolf Vanderlinden touched on in his story on Feigenbaum yet the emboldened section differs slightly:

      This is Lawton speaking here:

      " I questioned Feigenbaum closely and found he could converse with intelligence on surgery and dissection, but when asked if he knew anything about these subjects he would feign an ignorance that was unnatural.."

      I have to ask this of you, the reader:

      If Lawton questioned Feigenbaum who for the rest of the world sans Lawton apparently required an interpreter...and discovered Feigenbaum demonstrated intelligence when it came to conversing on surgery and dissection....why would Lawton have to "ask" Feigenbaum whether he "knew anything about these subjects",since he has already the same sentence...that Feigenbaum conversed intelligently on them?

      Let me pose it again with a different analogy:

      "I questioned Ally Ryder closely and found she could converse with intelligence on baking and preparing stews,but when asked whether she knew anything about these subjects she would feign an ignorance that was unnatural..."

      Furthermore...if Feigenbaum reacted with a feigned ignorance, then the entire concept of him being Jack The Ripper probably emanated in the lawyer's mind.

      Again, Wolf Vanderlinden's article is more in depth ( I like going after the juicy stuff...) and is highly recommended.

      Can't trust them lawyers,folks...
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        Morning Herald
        Jack the Ripper And Carl Feizenbaum Supposed to Be One and the Same Man


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          Wolf Vanderlinden's Ripper Notes #28 article is reprinted in full here on the Casebook under Carl Feigenbaum's suspect page:



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            Originally posted by jmenges View Post
            this blog post was a joke published on the DailyKos website
            Daily Kos? Hmmm... I wonder if they have a page called "Lettuce to the Editor"?
            Kind regards, Sam Flynn

            "Suche Nullen" (Nietzsche, Götzendämmerung, 1888)