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What makes Druitt a viable suspect?

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  • Originally posted by Darryl Kenyon View Post
    I have seen a similar thing in other unsolved cases - Black Dahlia and The Zodiac. My Stepfather was The killer etc
    Yes, that´s correct. Makes you wonder whether this is the reality we live in, where family members look at each other as potential killers...?

    Then again, maybe it is a function of family members living so close together that we can see behind the facade other people are offered?

    It is interesting, anyhow, and it makes you wonder about Druitt´s candidacy.


    • Originally posted by Fisherman View Post
      I was listening to John McGinness, a California police bigwig earlier today. He spoke about the Golden State killer, Joseph DeAngelo, saying that he had had 21 tips about people who could have been the killer over the years since he became involved in looking at cold cases.
      Out of these tips, a number were people tipping the police off about how they thought a family member or close relative was probably the killer, for various reasons.

      It made me think of how it was said that Druitts own family suspected him to have been the Ripper.
      Maybe it is a common thing in cases like these?

      PS. On a separate note, since I have been battling it out with Gareth Williams whether the Ripper victims could have been said to have had their necks cut - Gareth says that we may only say that they had their THROATS cut - I would like to point to the post preceding mine on this thread.

      It seems the necks are here to stay. But that is for a different thread.
      Needless to say, the neck and the throat are more or less the same thing. I think though that it's more accurate to say "throat" than "neck." That's my two cents.
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      • The throat and neck aren't more-or-less the same thing, in the same way that a shin isn't more-or-less the same as a calf. Sure, they're all conjoined parts of the same body region (for want of a better word), but they are quite distinct.

        You might have missed the earlier discussion, Chris, but Fisherman is intent on forcing a similarity between the Ripper and Torso murders, by claiming that both sets of victims had their necks cut. That doesn't work for the Ripper victims, because they were rightly described as having sustained cut throats. The Torso victims didn't exactly sustain "cut necks" either, because their entire heads were cut off. To describe either the Ripper or Torso victims' wounds as "cut necks" is at best over-generalising, and at worst inaccurate and misleading.
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