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The Strange Death Of Montague John Druitt

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  • Wickerman
    Johnathan's new book only took four days to arrive, proceeding through it at a leisurely pace....

    Good questions!

    It's not difficult to imagine the 'friend' who knew both Monty & William was one of a professional acquaintance at K.B.W, if I recall a name has been put forward. This might explain why the friend was not aware of the school, or if he was then which school?, or had no contact name to pursue his own inquiries?
    - William's legal commitments may have delayed his leaving Bournemouth for a day or two but I suspect the date "30 December" is a misprint for "30 November", the date of his dismissal - per Sugden.
    - William may have had to leave the searching of his brother's rooms to school staff, it being private property, but I would suspect he was allowed to be present.
    - Dec. 11th was a Tuesday, so it appears Druitt was missed for a week, the previous Tuesday. Or more likely Druitt had not shown up on the Monday morning (3rd?) at his chambers in K.B.W. The return ticket was dated 1st (Sat), and he was dismissed the day before - Friday 30th Nov.
    So we have a rudimentary timeline for that weekend.

    What still intrigues me is whether the Manor House Asylum at Chiswick had any role to play in Druitt's suicide story, the family who ran the place also being of close association with the Druitt family.

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  • Herlock Sholmes
    started a topic The Strange Death Of Montague John Druitt

    The Strange Death Of Montague John Druitt

    Whether you consider Druitt as a viable suspect or not it’s a fact that the events surrounding his death hold more than their fair share of mystery. There are so many unanswered questions and examples of strange behaviour that we don’t particularly need to touch on the question of Druitt as a candidate. Posters on here will be pretty familiar with the main events but some maybe a little rusty if they haven’t read anything Druitt-related for a while so I’ll begin the thread with a very brief timeline.

    30th Nov - Druitt is dismissed by George Valentine at the Blackheath School.

    11th Dec - An unnamed ‘friend’ contacts Monty’s brother William to say that he hadn’t been seen for over a week.

    30th Dec - William arrived in London and has Monty’s property searched. He also discovers Monty’s sacking.

    31st Dec - Monty’s body is pulled from the Thames.

    2nd Jan - The Inquest is held.


    Its difficult to see why William lies at The Inquest about Monty having no other relatives. Was it shame? At the same Inquest he had no problem mentioning his mothers insanity and incarceration. Also in The Hampshire Advertiser (12th Jan) the report on Monty’s funeral mentions five Druitt’s in attendance. As Monty lived and worked and played cricket in London surely William would have realised the possibility of this report making the London Press?

    Why wasn’t the ‘friend’ who contacted William ever named?

    William was informed on Dec 11th that Monty hadn’t been seen for a week so why did it take William 19 days to get to London? If Monty’s friend was so concerned about his disappearance to contact William then surely he would have made at least some effort to find Monty himself? Monty worked at Kings Bench Walk and the school and lived at the school. It’s unthinkable that the ‘friend’ wouldn’t have tried both in which case he’d have learned of Monty sacking ( or if the school was being diplomatic for some reason then he’d have at least learned that Monty no longer worked there.) William didn’t discover this fact until he arrived in London though. If he’d have learned about Monty’s sacking on the 11th then surely this would have hastened his arrival?

    Why had Monty bought a return train ticket on Dec 1st but only used the Charing Cross to Hammersmith part?

    It was reported that “Witness (William) had the property of the deceased searched where he resided.” Monty resided at the school so if that was where the search took place why was Monty’s property still there a 19 days after his dismissal? He may have been staying at Kings Bench Walk of course. But if William was in London why did he get someone else to search Monty’s property? Why not do it himself? If the search had taken place earlier (for eg if William had responded to the ‘friend’ and asked him to search his room) why didn’t the friend discover the suicide note?

    Enough questions to be going on with.
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