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  • Head turned wrong way on?

    I found this delightful story in 'Young Folks Weekly Budget' of December 1878 with the title 'Jack The Rascal; or the boy with his head turned wrong way on'.
    It is simple boy's own stuff, but it has a certain cast to it which puts me in mind of a young Thomas Cutbush, checking in the mirror to see if his head is turned the wrong way, perhaps?
    And then one incident where Jack declares:
    'I'll jump bang through that window and they may catch me if they can.'
    The story proved so popular that it was featured again in the same magazine in December of 1885, just about when young Thomas started jumping bang through windows.
    Catch him when you can.

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    Then there's all the folklore about Spring Heeled Jack who some local residents initially linked to the murders according to today's folk.