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    Originally posted by Mayerling View Post
    I'll be very interested in this, as the last book about Cream was one written in the 1990s.

    Thanks Jeff,
    Previous publications about Cream were lacking concrete substance into his movements, therefore I decided to tackle this head on and have done a lot of 'legwork' to obtain relevant proof/documents of his whereabouts.

    For example: I believe one of the previous Cream bio's had Cream as working in the prison infirmary, which I have proven as untrue.
    I have taken the bold move of writing this as an 'autobiography' through Cream's eyes (and have in fact used some of his own words taken from the papers I have uncovered) and hope readers will enjoy the journey.


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      Update - Prisoner 4374 publication

      Prisoner 4374 - a biography of Dr.Cream is now available for pre-order on Amazon (in both the US & UK).
      This is the result of many years of research & includes previously unpublished photographs & documents, including pages from Cream's Joliet prison file.

      In tracking Cream's whereabouts and motives I have been able to answer many questions, including whether or not he should be included as a Ripper suspect. There are a number of revelations that may both surprise and shock the reader.

      I do hope that you enjoy the book. Thank you for your support.

      Kind Regards,


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        While Mr Cream is not a "hot" suspect, I'd still like to offer some help if anyone wants to dig into his history, especially when he studied at McGill university, which is a block from where I live.

        So if anyone is interested, hit me up, I'll go do some digging. (metaphorically)
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