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    Originally posted by Semper_Eadem View Post
    Thank Errata, for your input,

    Hi Dave and Curious, Errata too, I am curious about the full blown mania as a friend of mine from Mexico that I cleaned hotel rooms with might of seen it as a child in Mexico. I heard about this from her in 2002 when I was working at Super 8, I hated that job too, which probably why I didn't remember her telling me about what she had seen. She said it looked like demonic possession, which further mislead me, anyways, I can't help but wonder if Cohen having continuous full blown mania might not of died from it and TB. Especially if his mind was gone or blown like a fuse like Martin Fido implied in that rippercast, where Cohen was discussed. I am gonna see if I can get a hold of his book to get myself somewhat up to date on Cohen as I find him very interesting, as a person, not as a suspect yet as I don't know enough about him, plus I have been on that merry go round already and am not getting back on.

    Joseph List, the infamous pimp of south Africa is also on my list of people to study, but that is another thread. I wonder if he is related to John Emil List who killed his entire family back in 1971.
    Well, mania I know. I can't say that it looks like demonic possession, but then I picture the head spinning around and pea soup projectile vomiting a la The Exorcist. What do you want to know?
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      Hi Errata,

      I'm not talking about Mania, like someone going into a rapid spiral, which I have seen too, but full blown mania where your mind goes/breaks. As Martin Fido pointed out in the last Rippercast you don't usually see it on the street anymore because people are medicated for it and the illness that causes it is caught early.

      I wonder if my friend saw complete or full blown mania in Mexico though as a child? From her description and what I can remember of what she saw it sounds pretty scary but perhaps she isn't the best witness as she was a little girl at the time and really scared. Anyways I don't think Mr Fido meant mania, like a rapid spiral type someone with a bipolar personality disorder would have but something else, that involves a continous murderus rage.

      I know it sounds pretty far out, also I seem to be repeating myself, I don't think I have seen full blown mania, and I spent time in a state hospital back in '92 for depression as a teenager, I seen a lof of stuff like someone having had electro-shock and dipolar mania I suppose, I didn't ask them and a few other things but not full blown mania.
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        Also if JTR was David Cohen and he was a psychopath I wonder how well he was taking care of himself, was he eating like he should, if he is using all his energy towards an appearance of normality and to kill his victims I wonder if looked a little unkempt especially towards the end? Just thoughts I am slinging around.