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William Bury: Jack the Ripper

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  • Originally posted by Abby Normal View Post
    most witnesses describe the ripper as short and stout. on the night of the double event most witnesses describe the ripper as wearing a peaked cap, including schwarz and lawende and company so imho both sightings were the ripper.
    the ripper was a short stout man who wore a peaked cap the night of the double event.
    lawende was tjerefore more than likely a tad off on his estimate.
    schwartz witnessed an incident that sounds very bury like to me.
    bury is a good suspect, or one of the least weak.
    Yes Abby, I think that when we look at the witness statements, the odds are that we're looking for a short stout man.

    Mrs Cox's interaction with the coroner at Mary Janes inquest was:

    [Coroner] Was anybody with her ? - A short, stout man, shabbily dressed. He had on a longish coat, very shabby, and carried a pot of ale in his hand.

    (My emphasis)