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Fixed Point Duty and The Double Event

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  • NotBlamedForNothing
    What I gather from Neil Bell's book, is that the City of London police did not have fixed point duty, but they did have fixed points ...

    The section sergeant would also meet his beat constable at a fixed point upon the beat constables patrol, awaiting a small briefing from the constable to establish if anything of minor concern had occurred on the beat. If so, the sergeant would attend to the matter, or provide advice if required.

    Neil mentions Donald Rumbelow in regard to the section sergeants' inquiries, based on his time in the City force as a constable whose beat included Mitre Square.

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  • Curious Cat
    started a topic Fixed Point Duty and The Double Event

    Fixed Point Duty and The Double Event

    Fixed duty points in the hours before the double event would have included...

    Junction of Commercial Road and Bromehead Street
    Junction of Commercial Road and Grove Street - Occupied by PC Ayliffe.
    Junction of Lemen Street and Whitechapel High Street
    St Mary's Church, Whitechapel High Street
    Junction of Commercial Street Thrawl Street

    These fixed points are fairly evenly spread in distance. Sticking with the distances it would mean a fixed duty point would have been at the junction of Houndsditch and Aldgate High Street. Another most likely at the junction of Houndsditch and St Mary Axe.

    If there were constables coming off fixed point duty along Houndsditch at 1am, they may have passed Catherine Eddowes on their way back to Bishopsgate station.

    Did the City Police have the same system of fixed duty points or was it just rolling beats?