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    When scaling Kelly's room using the Goads map scale, the back room seems to be approx. 15ft x 10ft.
    It was reported in the press to be either 12 x 12, or 15 x 12, but 12 ft is far too narrow to be the width of a house. Even 15ft is small but more likely than 12 ft.
    But, as I say using Goads the room seems to be about 15ft wide x 10ft deep.
    Regards, Jon S.


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      Wow, 12x10!!! High living!!!

      I've been requesting a larger room for nearly 4 years so that I can get a companion animal and a bookcase. As it is, I have NO extra space for ANYTHING. I have to put the books that I'm using in stacks on the floor, so I'm called a "hoarder", and as soon as they see that word all of the bureaucrats think I'm living in piles of garbage.

      "Veterans service", %#**#@#@*** @$$!!!

      - CFL