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Fixed Points on 'H' Division

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  • Fixed Points on 'H' Division

    The fixed points were under discussion on another thread. I'll list them here as a point of reference. Source is Dickens's Dictionary of London 1888:

    (I've modernised the spelling but altered nothing else)

    Fixed Points (Police):

    The under-mentioned places are appointed as fixed points where a police constable is to be permanently stationed from 9pm to 1am.

    In the event of any person springing a rattle, or persistently ringing a bell in the street or in an area, the police will at once proceed to the spot and render assistance:

    H or Whitechapel Division

    Ben Jonson Road and White Horse St, Stepney, junction of

    Brick Lane and Bethnal Green Rd, junction of

    Christian St and Commercial Rd, end of

    Church St, Wapping

    Columbia Rd, Bethnal Green, corner of Hassard St

    Commercial Rd East, corner of Bromehead St,

    Commercial St, Spitalfields, corner of Thrawl St

    Flower and Dean St and Brick Lane, Spitalfields, end of

    George Yard, High St, Whitechapel, end of

    G.E. Railway, High St, Shoreditch, front of

    Great Garden St and Whitechapel Rd, opposite end of

    Hanbury St, corner of Deal St, Mile End New Town

    Hare Alley, High St, Shoreditch, end of

    Hermitage Bridge, Wapping

    Leman St, Commercial St, and High St, Whitechapel, junction of

    New Gravel Lane Bridge, London Docks *

    Old Gravel Lane Bridge, London Docks *

    Ship Alley & St George's St East, south end of,

    Shoreditch Church

    Spencer St and Watney St, St George's East, corn and Mile End Rd, junction ofer of

    Spitalfields Church

    Stepney Railway Station, Commercial Rd East

    Upper East Spitalfield, principal entrance London Docks

    Warner Place and Hackney Rd, corner of

    Wells St, Whitechapel, opposite Sailors' Home

    Whitechapel Church

    White Horse Lane and Mile End Rd, junction of

    * A constable is stationed at each of these points from 3pm to 7am

    (On J Division (Bethnal Green) there was a fixed point on Whitechapel Road, in front of the East London Railway Station.)
    I won't always agree but I'll try not to be disagreeable.

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    I wonder exactly where the Spitalfields Church fixed point was?
    I won't always agree but I'll try not to be disagreeable.