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Anderson in NY Times, March 20, 1910

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  • Hi Chris,

    Thank you. Wonderful work as always.

    Why do I get the creepy feeling that Kosminski was the illegitimate offspring of royalty and that Druitt returned from his watery grave for a final double hurrah?




    • Originally posted by Chris View Post
      A while ago Howard Brown posted on an article published in the Butte Weekly Miner on 2 December 1897, which was recently posted again by Chris Scott, and which I have only just read in full:
      From the reference to the murder of a young woman at Windsor, whose body was found "some six weeks ago", it seems that this article was written in early November. The murder referred to is evidently that of Emma Matilda Johnson, who was murdered at Clewer on the night of 15 September, and whose body was discovered on 20 September [Times, 18 October 1897]. A local man was charged with the murder, but acquitted by the magistrates, and I can't find any mention of further suspects.


      • I see from the latest Examiner that Jan Bondeson has written a book about "the Boy Jones," one of the supposed Broadmoor inmates mentioned in this article:
        Jan Bondeson, Queen Victoria's Stalker: the Strange Story of the Boy Jones (Amberley, 1910).