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  • Nice profile!

    As another new member I was wondering if anybody could recommend a dissertation, doco or otherwise that has used modern profiling methods to suss Jack out. I have had a lifetime facination with this subject but I'm only just returning to it after several years break. Also, a suggestion of a DECENT documentary on the topic would be greatly appreciated. I should also add that I live in Western Orr-stralia so may have to order it from overseas. Many thanks to all in advance!

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    For a documentary that uses profiling you may look for the Channel 5 show from 2006, Jack the Ripper: First Serial Killer Revealed. For a good general documentary on the case I'd recommend A&E Biography- Jack the Ripper: Phantom of Death.



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      Nice profile!

      Thanks for the help JM! I've managed to source the 'Phantom of Death' dvd from Amazon, any clues as to where I might find the other? Many thanks


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        The 2006 show has never been made commercially available (I think this is the one Stan Reid sent me - am I right, Stan?).

        For most of us in the UK, we tend to favour two : The 2001 Channel Four programme TO KILL AND KILL AGAIN, which is widely felt to be the least erroneous of any of them, and Richard Jones's UNMASKING JACK THE RIPPER DVD from 2005. The former can only be got as a pirate copy on eBay, but Richard's should be easy to track down.

        Many people - me included - are a bit dubious when it comes to modern profiling methods. None of the books using these techniques have produced any conclusions that most serious students of the case would entertain. The most telling aspect is that the authors are trying to fit 21st century psychology into the mindset of the Victorian Poor. It just doesn't work.

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