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    Mayerling, thank you for sharing about Larry Donavan the bridge jumper. I see what you mean about his death occuring at the same time as the Tabram murder.

    I found a moment in the history of London which worked the opposite way, when an event overshadowed the Whitechapel murders. Sort of.

    Recall the Sun newspaper published a series of articles in February 1894 which cast Thomas Cutbush (unnamed) as Jack the Ripper. And in reply to those articles, Police official Melville Macnaghten penned his reply in the form of a Memorandum, which came to light many years later. In his memo he spoke of the "five and five only victims" which we know as the Canonical Five, and the Druitt and Kosminski suspect theories emenated from his memo. We still study and debate those points today.

    But as it turns out, the Sun articles were overshadowed by a news event which generated headlines in the London papers and was a big story all over the world in fact. Smack dab during that week in February 1894 an anarchist blew himself up with his own bomb at Greenwich Royal Observatory Park. His name was Martial Bourdin.

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      Ill bet ten bucks your all gay. Not that theres anything wrong with that. Lol

      Nice shirt btw.
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        Originally posted by Abby Normal View Post
        Ill bet ten bucks your all gay. Not that theres anything wrong with that. Lol

        Nice shirt btw.
        Now, from what important story are you trying to distract us, with mention of my (fascinating, yet ultimately irrelevant), gayness and new shirt?
        - Ginger