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  • New Research Board -Rules

    We decided to create a board specifically devoted to new research being conducted in the field, new finds, and assisting in collaborative efforts in the field.

    This is not a place for students to ask about homework, or fiction writers to ask about plot or character devices. Posts or threads that do not meet our criteria will be deleted.

    This is specifically a place for people to share new tidbits of information that they choose to share, or ask for assistance in a line of inquiry.

    Please title your thread as specifically as possible. Eventually, in a year/two years or so, when the "new find" becomes old news, or the assistance has been met and is no longer needed, we will move it to the appropriate subject specific board and accurate titles will help us in the process.

    Posting within this forum is to remain strictly professional and within the bounds of professional, polite conduct. Baiting, flaming or any other unnecessary argumentative posts will not be tolerated on any thread in this category. This sole board will be held to a much higher behavioral standard than any other board on the forums.
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    Bumping. We have changed the rules slightly to clarify them. Please re-read. Thank you. Also due to the new board rules we are going to be separating out the two threads to individual topics.
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