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Whitechapel Society Meeting 2nd August

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  • Whitechapel Society Meeting 2nd August

    Only two weeks to go until Fiona Kendall-Lane will be presenting her talk -

    "The McCarthys and Kendalls Uncovered" A talk about the little-known background regarding family members - John, Steve, Shaun McCarthy and Marie, Terry, Kay Kim Kendall.

    Very little personal information is known about the McCarthy family.

    This will be your first chance to find out about the McCarthy of Dorset Street and his various relatives of music hall fame.

    Fiona will be bringing along family memorabilia which, I can assure you, has never been in the public domain before.

    Maybe I should add that Fiona is the great-grand daughter of John McCarthy,

    Non-members are welcome on payment of an entry fee - but I am sure that when you find out that we are a friendly bunch, you will join the Whitechapel Society

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    Photo of John McCarthy

    This is the first time that an actual photograph of John McCathy will be on view. And you can only see it at a meeting of the Whitechapel Society 1888.


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      Oh - WOW.

      Hee hee. Tumblety then McCarthy.

      Next, I say a real photo of Sir William Gull!


      Tour guides do it loudly in front of a crowd.


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        Hi Coral -

        Raffle this time out? Always seem to win. Hope so. Sorry about grammar. Late and bit worse for wear. Grammar inevitably goes first. Second, one becomes royal conspiracist.



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          Now this is big. Those of us located far from London can only hope that a copy of the McCarthy photo will eventually appear in the Journal. (Ask her, ask her!)


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            Hi Coral

            What time does the talk start? And do non-members have to purchase tickets?

            Kind regards
            Fiona (not Kendall!)


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              Hi Fiona

              Doors to the downstairs function room at the Aldgate Exchange PH open at
              7pm. The talk should start at about 7.45.

              We have an entry for non-members of 5 which is payable on the night.

              It would work out cheaper to join the Society for 9 per annum - this will give you access to all the meetings. Should you not be able to attend, our bi-monthly Journal will be posted to you.



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                Hi Coral-
                My very best to everyone there- sorry to be missing that one- but the Aegean calls.........


                Suzi and Dids x
                *get me a copy of that pic Frip!!
                'Would you like to see my African curiosities?'


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                  Bad timing Suzi - have a good time and an Ouzo for me.



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                    Judging by the response I have had from pm's and emails, it would seem that this meeting will be standing room only.

                    Hope to see you there.



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                      Hopefully this time next week, those who can,will not be on their computers and will be at the Aldgate Exchange to hear Fiona Kendall-Lane talking about her great-grandfather, John McCarthy.



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                        Lufthansa talk about beginning a strike tomorrow. I hope they settle by next saturday!!



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                          So sorry to here that Christian - what would an August WS meeting be without our Bavarian friend. Hopefully everything will be sorted out within the next few days.



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                            Hi Coral,
                            I have never attended one of your meetings,although they sound really interesting.
                            Unfortunately,I am going camping overnight on Saturday at the coast.Come rain or shine.I always get really spooked and think I can hear something getting closer.So I end up on the beach shivering and shaking,cuddling the dog.Why is it blokes can sleep through anything,he even gets excited at the prospect of rain!!
                            Hope you have a lovely evening.
                            Love to you all.


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                              Just a Reminder

                              Tomorrow night the Whitechapel Society holds its next meeting.

                              The speaker is Fiona Kendall-Lane - great-granddaughter of John McCarthy
                              (Mary kelly's landlord) and granddaughter of the celebrated music hall star Marie Kendall.

                              Fiona will be bringing along a lot of family memoriabilia including the first known photograph of John McCarthy.

                              Be there if you can.

                              7.30 at the Aldgate Exchange PH - close to Aldgate East UG