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  • If Dr B Wasn't On the Suspect List He should Have Been

    Greetings All,
    As Horace said: " Coincidence makes fools of us all ".
    So, let's look at some of the co-incidings which vault Dr Barnardo to the head of the "obviously should have been on the list" category:

    [1]He was foreign-looking (Spanish and German Jewish ancestry (and some Catholic Irish);
    [2]He was familiar with the East End parishes of London, having worked there for about 20 years by 1888;
    [3]He was a medical man who carried a black bag and talked to prostitutes in lodging houses in Flower and Dean Street;
    [4]His major work was "rescuing" the progeny of street women and their more anonymous partners.Could this have provided a motive?;
    [5]He had known Sir Robert Anderson and his family since he ( Dr B.) was employed by Sir Robert's father in Dublin.Sir Robert was later on the Board of Barnardo's Homes;
    [6] After World war One, A Miss Anne Macnaghten acted as co-governor of Barnardo's girls home at Barkingside (Dr B. was dead by then);
    [7]Barnardo created work for his ex-"street arabs" as bootblacks: these were
    called the " Union Jack Brigade" they were placed in lodgings called by the locals " Jack's Happy Homes ";
    [8] Prince Albert Victor, the Duke of Clarence was a frequent speaker at the Working Lads Institute in Whitechapel, when Dr Barnardo sent parties of boys or girls to Canada]
    [9] Barnardo himself exploited the Ripper scare to prise much-needed funds from wealthy aristocrats and brewery tycoons;
    [10] He publicly stated that he had spoken to one Ripper victim at her lodging house the night before she was murdered.
    If Dr Barnardo wasnot on the police JTR suspects list, he should have been.
    **Don't forget what Horace said. JOHN RUFFELS.


    • A bit slow here!

      What has any of the above got to do with Dr Barnado being a suspect for Jack the Ripper?


      • nothing. from his photograph he doesnt appear 'foreign-looking' certainly.

        next youll tell us he was covered in skinhead tattoos and had copies of guns & ammo under his bed

        i joke of course but this is all really clutching at straws.

        if mickey's a mouse, and pluto's a dog, whats goofy?


        • Hi,

          I'm not even sure why "foreign-looking" bolsters a suspect's candidacy, since most witnesses didn't describe a foreign-looking man. Other factors such as "medical man", "black bag" and an acquaintance with Prince Albert Victor may also count for nothing if the real killer met none of that criteria.

          Best regards,


          • plus youd be hard pushed to find a doctor that didnt have a gladstone bag.
            if mickey's a mouse, and pluto's a dog, whats goofy?


            • So we are saying now that Dr B is JTR because he knew the movers and shakers of Whitechapel?

              I say we revise the suspect list to include,
              etc etc!!

              Regards Mike


              • I think some of you are missing John's point completely... or getting the point but failing to realize he handed it to you on purpose.

                Dan Norder
                Ripper Notes: The International Journal for Ripper Studies
                Web site: - Email:


                • Quick addendum to my latest:

                  I think John's general observation; that "coincidences make fools of us all" is a good one. I just felt it worth pointing out that some of those factors were even useless in isolation, i.e. without "coinciding" them with anything else.
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                  • I think John's having a joke here.


                    • Hi All,

                      If the points John listed are reasons for placing a person on the suspect list then none of us should be surprised that the killer was never caught.


                      • We wait 'eh Limehouse...Just found this for thought here
                        Click image for larger version

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                        also check out
                        'Would you like to see my African curiosities?'


                        • Dear All

                          There appear to be some misunderstandings permeating this topic, at least one of which I claim full responsibility for. I never intended to impugn the honesty of Bob Hinton. My comment was intended to suggest that perhaps Bob had not experienced posters on these forums honestly accepting that they could not evidentially support their conclusions, for whatever reason. However, I realise that, in this respect, my last post could have been worded better. So, please allow me the opportunity to confirm, without qualification, that I would never intentionally question the honesty of Bob, a man whom I’ve always held in great esteem, and I sincerely apologise if my last post gave that impression.

                          As for other misunderstandings, I did not state as a FACT that Barnardo was mean spirited etc. Surely, anyone with a basic grasp of English would realise that, in the context of the particular sentence in my last post, the FACT was that Barnardo was not the paragon of virtue etc. Now this claim may well be seen to be a Nunnerism without evidence but, as Suzi, after a few days of studying Barnardo, does not think that she’d like the good doctor, my conclusion, after extensive research, may well be accurate.

                          Finally, the most troubling misunderstanding seems to be the notion of Suzi and Anna that alex and Prophet are one and the same. I can assure you, and it can be confirmed by Stephen, I’m sure, that I am not Prophet and I do not know who Prophet is. Nor have I ever suggested that Barnardo was the Ripper. Any basic reading of my posts on this topic would confirm that.

                          I have contributed to the Casebook and Forums since their earliest days in the mid 1990s – indeed, I believe I was the first to provide the Casebook with a transcript of a newspaper report of a victim’s inquest – and, in all that time, have never felt the need to ‘hyde’ behind a pseudonym. If the confusion of myself and Prophet in the minds of certain posters is an example of the interpretive skills generally evident on these forums, then we may well be in real trouble in the hunt for Jack the Ripper.

                          Best wishes
                          But for me, in my impenetrable mantle, the safety was complete. Think of it – I did not even exist!
                          (HJFSotC – SCoDJaMH – RLS, 1886)



                          • Here we go again!

                            Really Alex I cannot understand why you have such difficulty in understanding something so simple. You wrote:

                            “that this arrogant, mean-spirited, obnoxious”

                            You are stating that Barnardo is ‘arrogant, mean spirited and obnoxious’. Those are the words you have used to describe him. But just because you say he is doesn’t make it true or factual, it is merely your opinion.

                            You then go on to say that he was ‘not the paragon of virtue’ and that this also is a fact. Again it is not - it is simply your opinion. For it to be accepted as a fact you will have to produce evidence to back your claim, otherwise it is a Nunnerism!

                            Have you got it now?


                            • In that case Alex- I apologise to The Prophet!
                              'Would you like to see my African curiosities?'


                              • That goes for me too,Alex.