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  • Cap'n Jack
    Well, Gideon, I don't know about anything being a 'vogue', and feel perhaps a better choice of word would have been 'vague'.
    For that is what this is all precisely about, reassembling people from history in the age of the information highway in a precise and historically correct manner using the wealth of material we now possess... which we didn't way back then when these people were first discovered and floated before us as characters in the Whitechapel Murders.
    Most of these characters were typified by an enormous vagueness, which allowed writers and researchers to exercise their imagination in an attempt to give these characters the solid history they severely lacked.
    What should be happening of course is not happening, in that as new material is discovered on these characters then that information should be firming up, and confirming the vague idea that so and so could have been the Whitechapel Murderer, but in fact we see the opposite happening in almost every case.
    The only suspect who appears to have been firmed up by the discovery of new material does seem to be Thomas Cutbush, with some recent finds by Robert, casting some very serious doubts on his swift removal from court at Her Majesty's Pleasure.
    I don't believe it to do any good to shake our fists at the sky and apportion blame for this situation, which after all is a very helpful one.

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  • Gideon Fell
    I think that we should consider the words of an old friend of mine.

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    Aha! Is this where the Lewis Carroll theory started?

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