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Happy New Year and Best of Luck

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  • Happy New Year and Best of Luck

    Hi Folks,

    Ive decided that Ive spent enough time on this particular topic and now need to move on to other topics that interest me. This one has kept me busy for 3 decades, and for around 12 years on this site, so at that rate, and at my age, I should be on my way if I intend to study something else in similar depth.

    I want to thank all of you for in one way or another helping me learn as much as I could about the various aspects of these crimes, and in particular, to Mr Ryder and Ally for providing such a fabulous resource for all of us to use. And to all the other member's who assist them in maintaining and growing the resource, thank you sincerely as well. This is a special place on the net, I hope that it continue on as strong as ever.

    Ive enjoyed the discussions, and the dissertations, and the private exchanges with some members, in particular Simon Wood, Lynn Cates, jerryd, and Sam Flynn. Its been a privilege to have the access to your experiences and opinions.

    I understand that some may wish to post a farewell in return, but I really intend to have this be my last site visit, so until my user account here goes dormant, Id welcome any emails from any of you.

    I wish you all a Very Happy New Years and the best of Luck in your continued studies and enterprises.

    Warm regards,

    Michael W Richards
    Michael Richards