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    Originally posted by Fisherman View Post
    Then IŽll leave it to you to to produce some little contrafire, Abby. If her ability to judge the Lechmere case is something to go by, IŽd say you neednŽt worry too much.
    Hmmm. If I had the time and the will, I suppose I could have created a thread of my own, so I could whinge loudly and at length about Christer's treatment of me, and his blatant attempt to belittle my ability to judge the case against Hutchinson, by belittling my ability to judge the case he has tried to make against Lechmere.

    But then I read what I just wrote and realised how hilarious and delicious the paradox is. Christer was inadvertently belittling his own ability to judge the case against Hutchinson, because our judgement is the same! Neither of us thinks Hutchinson should even be in the frame, while I feel the same about Lechmere.

    It's a good lesson in not hurling personal insults that are shaped like boomerangs.


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    "Comedy is simply a funny way of being serious." Peter Ustinov