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Conspiracy to suppress the identity of JTR?

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    Originally posted by Simon Wood View Post
    How did the press learn that Millers Court was a "Ripper" murder?

    Somebody must have told them.

    Morning Advertiser 10 Nov;
    While all this was going on inside the house, the excitement in the neighbourhood was spreading, and among the dwellers in the immediate locality amounted to a perfect frenzy. Women rushed about the streets telling their neighbours the news, and shouting in angry voices their rage and indignation. Notwithstanding the reticence of the police, the main facts of the crime soon became known, and a great concourse of people assembled on the scene.


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      Hi Joshua,

      Pall Mall Gazette, Saturday 10th November 1888—

      “There is no disposition on the part of the police officers at Commercial Street police station to correct any of the conflicting statements which have been made by the newspapers, or to supply further particulars.”

      The Metropolitan Police maintained its silence, careful not to discourage the public from spreading the rumour that this murder was the work of the Whitechapel murderer, or more specifically "Jack the Ripper."


      Never believe anything until it has been officially denied.