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  • Change to Report Post procedure

    We're recently having a little issue with people using the Report Post button to harass people they particularly dislike. For instance "Adam" and "Bill" will get into a fight, and "John" hates Adam, so he reports every single post of Adams. Not Bills, just Adams, even though both are involved and slinging insults at each other. Then I go to the thread and find that Bill and John have been just as obnoxious as Adam, but also Jane and Mark and Mary have been slinging insults left right and center, and they were all happily mud wrestling away, wallowing in their bile and splenic venting until John decided get Adam in the soup and so now everyone is in the soup. So here's a rule change:

    If a poster is using the Report Post button as a vendetta to vent his ire against a single poster, and using a moderation tool as a harassment tactic (specifically reporting every single post one single poster makes which leads to an entire thread being dinged), I'm going to make sure to congratulate and name the poster on the thread for being diligent in the following of rules. One should be honored for being a crime fighter and dedicated in your duty.

    We do not wish to discourage legitimate use of the Report Post button, but when someone has reported the same poster and ONLY that poster in the middle of a free for all, and has done so on multiple occasions over the last few months, you lose the protection of anonymity.

    This rule change will not be applied retroactively, it will however be in effect going forward. To be clear, this will not affect 99.9% of you. This will only affect those who are obviously and constantly attempting to use Moderation as a grudge enforcement tool. It irks me. And since I'm giving out about ten different infractions today to ten different people who were happily slanging along, being jerks to one another and didn't ask for intervention, well that's how it goes. If I have to suffer, so do you. I believe in sharing the joy.