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Happy Holidays -Admin will be AFK for Awhile

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  • Happy Holidays -Admin will be AFK for Awhile

    Our moderator team is going on holiday. So be advised, as tends to happen, if we receive Report Post notices, between Dec 10 -26, our Go To Move will be shutting down entire threads or 'banning' argumentative people until Jan 1 2022. We will have limited access to the internet as we will be sailing the seas and we don't plan to spend it scrolling threads and dealing in a fair manner with all the issues that may arise. Expediency will be our byword. Problems will be immediately shut down, and we will deal with it later. So, dust off your company manners. Because it's a season of Peace, and we deserve some too.

    Holiday Rules:

    If a "thread" gets multiple reports, or a single Report that requires multiple actions, the thread will be closed until January 1.

    If two/more people are engaged in a succession of back and forth and someone decides they get their feelings hurt and reports someone's post, everyone involved in the scrum, who has been behaving in opposition to the rules, will have their posting privileges suspended until January 1. Even if this is the first time they've ever gotten an infraction. Expediency.

    Don't report someone unless you are absolutely sure your behavior is exemplary because you are as likely to be banned until January 1 as they are, if you've been being a dillhead.

    Don't report someone you dislike, just in the hope of getting them banned. We will respond with SERIOUS displeasure if you Report someone for basically nothing in the hopes of getting them banned. We have had this happen before. We will consider you far worse than someone who engaged in obnoxious back and forth, which is business as usual here.

    Dec 10 -26. Peace on Casebook, Good Will to Humankind.