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Casebook Migrating to New Server. READ THIS!

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  • Casebook Migrating to New Server. READ THIS!

    Casebook will be parting ways with its old server company and being transferred to a new server and company sometime in the next week. All of our websites will be making this migration and we cannot give you a specific time or date, as of yet. If we are able to narrow it down more, we will provide an additional update, but as of right now, just know: if you come here and the forums are closed, we're probably in the middle of a migration. We are hoping the outage will be brief but things never go smoothly when you're moving house so we don't expect it to here either. There might also be a brief period where your computer is pointing to the old server and you would be posting on the old server, and those posts would not transfer to the new server which might cause some minor losses of posts. To mitigate this risk, we plan to turn off Posting once we know the migration is about to happen. When the Server migration has been completed, we will turn posting back on. If you come here, and posting is off for several days, chances are you are still being pointed to our old server and will need to refresh your cache. We will do our best to mitigate these issues, but some things will not be in our control.

    See you on the other side.

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    test 1


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      If you're reading this, you are on the new server. Post away.


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        Nick named Biden.
        My name is Dave. You cannot reach me through Debs email account