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    Originally posted by spryder View Post

    Ah, it looks like this is an iPad/iOS specific issue. Seems the software devs know about it but there isnít an official fix yet. Best solution I can find right now is for you to click the first button on the advanced editor screen - this will put your edit box in ďCode View.Ē (See photo.). When I am in code view on iPad I seem to be able to select text the way I want to so that it doesnít just select either just one word or the whole kit and caboodle.

    scratch that: I see now you canít bold things in that mode so it doesnít really help your problem. Iíll keep digging.

    update 2: unfortunately I'm hitting a brick wall. The best I can offer is to go into "Source" mode (top-left button on advanced editor) and manually type in the code to make things bold for now. Sorry about that - I'll keep an eye open for future fixes on this issue.
    Thanks for that Stephen. Iíve just made a response using your final suggestion and it works fine so thereís no problem

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      Where do I find new posts. I seem to have to look at each sub forum and see what was last posted.

      I used to know about compters once.
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        I've added a "Latest Posts" page now that can be accessed via the top-left header (only while logged-in to an account).


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          Spry, I wonder if you could group all the Latest Posts in the same thread, together.
          Similar to the way they were listed under a members Profile where you could locate all the previous posts for the past 24 hours, or 7 days. As it is now posts in the same thread are are scattered, apparently dependent on the hour of the post.
          Regards, Jon S.


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            Originally posted by Wickerman View Post
            Spry, I wonder if you could group all the Latest Posts in the same thread, together.


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              What is the limit for Private Messages? I tried sending a message to another member and received some "User has maxed out their private message" quota.
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                Love the new design. Good job!
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                  Just now, "Oldies but Goodies" listed the forum "Other Mysteries" as though it were a thread. Not sure if it's supposed to do that.
                  - Ginger