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Casebook Will Be Offline Briefly for Security Update

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  • Casebook Will Be Offline Briefly for Security Update

    If you've read the news, you've seen there's a security issue affecting all websites and computers. Tech geeks are in a fervor! It's all very dramatic. Sometime in the coming days, Casebook will be going offline as our server company installs patches to address the issue. This is a planned outage, so if you come here and find us down, you now know why. We do not know when this outage will occur, and we don't know exactly how long the patch will take to implement. This will be an emergency patch and there will be another long-term solution later on where we will go down again, so they can fix it ...again.

    Just giving you a heads up that it will be happening in the coming days. Be Calm, Carry On. Etc.

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    Thanks for the heads up.
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