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  • All Posters Read This!

    Now would be a good time for posters to take a moment to Review The Rules.

    We especially encourage you to pay attention to the part where we state this:

    We rarely issue infractions. However, when we do contact you regarding an issue, one of two things can occur. Either you reply, "Ok, sorry," or the equivalent and we say no problem, people are human and we all move on. Or you reply something along the lines of "How come Poster B gets to get away with x, y, or z" or "How come you are picking on me, when so and so did this" or "God, can't you take a joke" or the equivalent in which case you get to enjoy an immediate and non-negotiable 4-6 week (or longer, possibly permanent) suspension from posting, depending on the nature of your response. To repeat: You are more likely to be banned for giving us attitude or argument when we ask you to quit doing something than you would have been for the offense in the first place. Everyone will probably receive an infraction from us at some point or another, and receiving a warning leaves no lasting grudge or consequence against you. But the nature of your response will absolutely determine your continued future on the boards.

    Occasionally, you may dislike a decision we make. You may then feel that you have the right to tell us how we ought to run the boards, or what we ought to allow, or what we should do in a particular situation. You may then have the urge to go on a public rant about what we are doing wrong or attempt to start a public debate on how it ought to be done, in your opinion. Resist this urge. You are entitled to any opinion of our operation that you like, but you are not entitled to use the server space we provide you to tell us how to run it. Keep in mind that you do not own these forums, you are a guest here and no one is forcing you to remain. Guests who violate the rules of hospitality are shown the door.

    Admin is human. Admin is not having a good year. Admin has a very short fuse and Admin really doesn't have the patience to deal with petulance or pettiness right now.

    Pretty much at this point, problems will be dealt with in the most expedient manner possible.