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packers stem
09-04-2010, 03:03 AM
Ellen May Lackner backed up Joseph Sickerts story in an interview with Fairclough,Begg and Feldman.
If you haven't read Faircloughs book may i suggest you read it if only for this.
Whenever I try to dismiss Josephs story(despite his yo-yoing from assertion to retraction) I keep coming back to 'why would this old lady lie'.
I just can't see it,pensioners in my experience are generally honest.
Why would she sit and tell a barefaced lie to these three ripperologists.
I don't think she did.
Basically what she said was that Joseph's grandfather was royalty and that 'the artist'(sickert) helped with the cover up by pretending the child was his.She also talked about her grandfathers link with the stephens.
Feldman stated in his book that although Annie was welcomed at Ellen's family home,Alice was not as she reminded Ellens mother of Jack the ripper.