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06-14-2010, 09:50 AM
Hello folks,

My family research has recently uncovered a family known as Kaminski or Kaminsky in London

Dec 1887 Yetta Kaminski born at 5 Chicksand Street Whitechapel father Woolf Kaminski, tailor journeyman, mother Betsy Kaminski (Betsy also known as Rebecca) birth registered Feb 1888

subsequent children born to same couple;

1891 Pearl or Polly Kaminski born to Woolf and Betsy at 63 High st Road Whitechapel
1893 birth of Dinah
1894 birth of Janie buried Nov West Ham Cemetary
1895 death of Janie, died at 164 Hanbury st Mile End
1898 Mary born to Woolf and Rebecca Kaminski
1899 Dinah died 1899 age 6 at 164 Hanbury st Mile End

according to Marriage certificate of Woolf, (his second marriage in Australia 1916) there are another 2 deceased children, one child believed to be named Goldah, nil known on her birth or date of death in London.

In 1891 census we believe that the family may be listed at 63 High st Road as Costavinki, due to the children name, ages and father name.

Rebecca/Betsy left london to Germany and then to Australia 1899, after birth of Mary and death of Janie. (travelled as Kaminsky with three children Pearl, Mary and Yetta)
Woolf left london for Australia before Betsy, arr Dec 1898 (he travelled under another surname) and subsequently settled in Australia using another surname.

I have not located this family in the Booths trade directory.

Wolf continued to work as a tailor in Australia until his death in 1917. Betsy/Rebecca died 1913.

If there is any other information available of this family in the UK I would really appreciate any further news that may be of relevance to our family.

I have been unable to locate records stating the original arrival into England of Rebecca and Woolf, as either Kaminski/y or Kosminsky, or evidence of a marriage in the UK or on Jewishgen prior to the birth of the first child Yetta late 1887. I am hoping that both documents will provide origin of birth and marriage.

Wolf stated his d.o.b was 1868 in Russia, on a document dated 1916 in Australia. stated parents were Abram Kozminsky and Yetta Akiva

Is it possible that this family has already been discussed on the boards? perhaps in archives..any 'old timers' around who could offer an opinion.

A big thank you to Chris for his kind assistance to date.:hiya:

Thank you :pleased: