View Full Version : WS1888: Diane Janes: Death at Wolf's Nick- The Killing of Evelyn Foster

04-08-2018, 01:31 PM
We are please to bring to you the April 2018 guest speaker for The Whitechapel Society 1888, author Diane Janes. Her latest book is entitled 'Death at Wolf's Nick: The Killing of Evelyn Foster'.


Thank you to Frogg Moody, Ruby Vitroino, Steve Rattey and the entire committee of the Whitechapel Society for making this talk- microphone issues and all -available for us to hear and add to an ever increasing archive of Whitechapel Society presentations. It is very much appreciated.

Available now to stream or download at the following link:

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Thank you for listening!



Steadmund Brand
04-09-2018, 01:08 PM
Another excellent talk... thank you Jonathan and Thank you to Diane and everyone at the Whitechapel society 1888

Steadmund Brand