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  1. Macnaghten on Edalji, Cream and "sexual maniacs" (recovered)
  2. Macnaughten Memorandum
  3. Macnaghtens Credibility (Recovered)
  4. Macnaghten as a suspect. The Theory.
  5. Macnaghten's Police Experience
  6. Why did Macnaghten deny Cutbush as a serious suspect?
  7. If Lady Christabel Aberconway had been a jobbing victim
  8. the police career of Sir Melville Macnaghten
  9. Days of my years
  10. A statement of 1913
  11. 'Jack' and the Balfour Plot?
  12. Cutbush and Cutbush?
  13. Two pages from H.L.Adam on Sir MM..
  14. M5 grouping criteria
  15. Timelining and revealing the MM
  16. Macnaghten knew about Druitt being a barrister?
  17. The Missing Memorandum
  18. In which MM version is Kosminski a bootmaker?
  19. The Aberconway Version
  20. How strong is the argument that Mac was deceitful?
  21. Seaside Home?
  22. Another thought
  23. "5 victims and 5 victims only"
  24. New Mac Source - 1913
  25. Macnaghten's Motive