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  1. Littlechild and the Strange Case of Harry Thaw
  2. Census details (Recovered)
  3. Metropolital Police Mistrels (Recovered)
  4. Littlechild Letter Authenticity (Recovered)
  5. An Earlier Littlechild Opinion (Recovered)
  6. Littlechild's Pension Form
  7. Littlechild's memoirs
  8. THe Littlechild Letter.
  9. Littlechild - Whitechapel Murders Find
  10. Why Did Simms Write to Him?
  11. Littlechild Ltr Survey Complete - Absent Bias?
  12. Did Littlechild consider Dr. T a suspect for being a woman hater or for being gay?
  13. Chief Inspector J G Littlechild
  14. Truth Stranger than Fiction