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  1. Sojourn- Jana Oliver
  2. Virtual Evil- Jana Oliver
  3. The Seduction of Mary Kelly- William Perring
  4. A Study in Red, The Secret Journal of Jack the ripper
  5. Return of the Ripper - Thomas Kean
  6. From Hell, A Graphic Novel
  7. New novel- The Ripper:Redux
  8. Arthur Morrison and a photograph of the Ripper
  9. The Whitechapel Conspiracy - Anne Perry
  10. Jack the Ripper Of Eene Misgreep
  12. Bestselling Author Tackles Tumblety
  13. Pamela Oldfield
  14. Edward Hanna
  15. A Study in Terror - Ellery Queen
  16. The Last Sherlock Holmes Story - Michael Dibdin
  17. Chapel Noir and Castle Rouge - Carole Nelson Douglas
  18. An idea for a book ...
  19. The Devil in a Domino 1897
  20. Ripper Short Story
  21. need help identifying book
  22. The Dracula Dossier - James Reese
  23. Another comic book re-telling
  24. Dust and Shadow - Lindsay Faye
  25. The Whitechapel Murder Mystery - Rob Hamilton
  26. Vengeance of the Ripper - Steve Leshin
  27. From Hell: The Final Days of Jack the Ripper
  28. 'Time After Time' Sequel
  29. Serial Killer Fiction 1889 Onwards
  30. The Alienist - Caleb Carr
  31. Whitechapel by Ian Porter
  32. been looking for this for about 5 years...
  33. Anno Dracula -Kim Newman
  34. Free Book -- "The Ripperologists"
  35. Free Professional Review
  36. I Read John Gaspard's THE RIPPEROLOGISTS
  37. Tea Rose Trilogy by Jennifer Donnelly
  38. Legacy of the Ripper, Sequel to A Study in Red
  39. From Hell-The Final Days of Jack The Ripper by Rob Thompson
  40. Black Aura - John Sladek
  41. New Fiction
  42. The Ghost of Whitechapel (1997)
  43. Your's Truly, Jack the Ripper
  44. Yours Truly, From Hell.
  45. Gotham by Gaslight
  46. Further Adventures of Sherlock Holmes: Whitechappel Horror. Edward B Hanna
  47. Top 3 Recomendations
  48. Whitechapel: The Final Stand of Sherlock Holmes
  49. Terror on Broadway
  50. Has Anyone Read The Fortunes of Grace Hammer: A Novel of the Victorian Underworld?
  51. The Ruminations of Freekly Oldacre
  52. "The Ripperologists" is now "The Ripper Circuit"
  53. 1888: A Jack the Ripper Novel
  54. "Blutiger Herbst" A german Jack the Ripper novel
  55. Young Adult Ripper Novels?...
  56. New Kindle ebook - Partnership from Hell
  57. Now You See Me..
  58. Free Kindle Novel Today Only
  59. Fake reviews on-line
  60. Sherlock Holmes and the Whitechapel Vampire
  61. The Yard by Alex Grecian
  62. New novel on JtR
  63. Jack the Ripper Horror Novel. Free to read.
  64. Devlin the Barber - 1888
  65. Back to Whitechapel - "La véritable histoire de Jack l'eventreur"
  66. How Jack the Ripper killed my mother
  67. Ripper by David L. Golemon
  68. Release of "The Heart Absent," a novel about Jack the Ripper in love
  69. City of Darkness By Kim Wright
  70. the FROM HELL companion
  71. The Ripper's Hellbroth
  72. Sergeant Cork
  73. The Crimson Fog
  74. New Fiction Novel Maidens of the Night
  75. The Private Life of Jack The Ripper by Richard Gordon
  76. 2 films promoting a book on Jack the Ripper.
  77. Mary Kelly in, 'Clover Lane'
  78. A question!
  79. Another "Groundbreaking" Theory
  80. Miadens of the Night Published
  81. Life in 1888
  82. Ethical question about fiction
  83. A Ripper Horror Novel now on Amazon.
  84. The Ripper's Wife by Brandy Purdy
  85. A new Ripper novel in the wings
  86. Buried in Time - a new Ripper novel out now
  87. Prisoner 4374
  88. Feedback for Prisoner 4374
  89. Stephen Hunter's New Novel, "I, Ripper"
  90. Ripped, a Jack the Ripper Time-Travel Thriller
  91. 1888 by Charlie Revelle-Smith
  92. Louisiana Blood - New Ripper Novel
  93. To Kill Again
  94. TO KILL AGAIN. Again!
  95. Soon to come JTR novel
  96. I beg to report the availability of the novel 'My Ripper Hunting Days'
  97. Interview with my novel's main character
  98. A Brutal Chill in August A Novel of Polly Nichols
  99. "Gotham by Gaslight"
  100. Severin: A Tale of Jack the Ripper
  101. My Ripper Hunting Days free giveaway