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  1. Books??
  2. Francis Thompson. The Perfect Suspect.
  3. Did a police officer see Thompson leaving a murder scene right after the 2nd of the d
  4. The influence of Thompson, a Ripper suspect on world history.
  5. Proof that Thompson was living in Whitechapel, just off Dorset Street.
  6. Did Francis Thompson know Mary Kelly.
  7. Why Thompson might be Jack the Ripper. In 1,200 words.
  8. Why Francis Thompson was not the Ripper. From the Devilís Advocate
  9. Only a 0.000003 chance the Ripper murderer was not a religious fanatic
  10. The True Face of Francis Thompson.
  11. Thompson & Bucks Row: Snippets from the Blindside.
  12. Francis Thompsonís Verse & Works. Based on Facts.
  13. Thompson was not Normal.
  14. Thompson & Meynell may have Profited from the Ripper Murders.
  15. Francis Thompson and the Jack the Ripper Pattern Murder.
  16. Was Thompson Strong Enough to be the Ripper? Probably.
  17. Thompsonís Condition in 1888 could he lure a Prostitute?
  18. Was a Ripper Witness, Hutchinson, Describing Thompson?
  19. Francis Thompson and the Serial Killer Coincidence.
  20. Thompsonís Childhood Violence. Murphy Riots.
  21. Thompsonís 1st Published Poem.
  22. new to Thompson as a suspect
  23. Exhibition featuring Francis Thompson
  24. Jack the Poet