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  1. The Ever Changing Provenance of the 'Diary
  2. Where is Battlecrease Mansion located
  3. picture of mary kelly's room
  4. Diary of a Hoaxer
  5. Maybrick and the diary.
  6. Diary of Jack the Ripper diary about to be exposed
  7. Barrett and the Diary.
  8. New Maybrick Website
  9. Watch Discussion (moved thread)
  10. Not him
  11. The biggest fault
  12. What about objective facts?
  13. How does JM stand as a suspect WITHOUT the diary?
  14. One Incontrovertible, Unequivocal, Undeniable Fact Which Refutes the Diary
  15. Mother Of Florence
  16. The Diary
  17. Michael Maybrick
  18. who are the forgers?
  19. How is Michael Barratt these days?
  20. Shirley Harrison
  21. If you eliminate the impossible
  22. Jack the Ripper
  23. Maybrick's 'ship' letter
  24. Whereabouts of Maybrick in December 1888 - Grand Jury service
  25. why is there no evidence that shows sir jim was in liverpool
  26. Sarah Ann Robertson - the other Mrs Maybrick
  27. The New Post Office
  28. Time Reveals All
  29. HO144/1639/A50678D/99 Question?
  30. The Diego Laurenz Code
  31. A Day to Celebrate
  32. Question re: Dear Boss Letter
  33. Why on earth is Maybrick the most popular suspect on this site???
  34. Maybrick and Mabel Collins
  35. Imagine
  36. Who wrote the "Diary"
  37. The Diary Writer Revealed
  38. Evidence has been withheld
  39. Jeremy Beadle
  40. Several points I've thought about
  41. Provenance
  42. My weird thought while reading the purported Maybrick Diary
  43. Why did Florence Maybrick not use this at her defence!
  44. Why Battlecrease?
  45. Inspiration for the Fake 'Diary'
  46. All else aside, why Maybrick's unlikely....
  47. I left it there for the fools but they will never find it.
  48. Diary to Ripper letter handwriting comparison
  49. I left it there for the fools... (2)
  50. Copy of Maybrick marriage licence application
  51. 17th September to Diary handwriting comparisons
  52. 'Michael is very cluever'
  53. Doyle's Liverpool Merchant
  54. Fake!
  55. An Inconvenient Book
  56. Maybrick's "Blucher" letter
  57. Michael Maybrick's signatures on Isle of Wight Mayoral Register
  58. Upon reading the Diary again...
  59. What. Other Than Diary and Watch, Points to Maybrick As JtR?
  60. Maybrick and Sutcliffe and...
  61. Could the Freemasons have the key?
  62. Maybrick Watch up for sale on Channel 4's 'Four Rooms'
  63. the diary
  64. empty tinbox
  65. police involvement in diary
  66. Why I find the diary implausible
  67. Where do current experts stand on the Diary?
  68. new info on the diary
  69. What do Maybrick believers believe about Jim as Jack?
  70. Vote the Diary
  71. Maybrick/Formby Connection?
  72. Michael Barrett an Author?
  73. James, the Dog Killer?
  74. My journey from skeptic to believer
  75. Steps involved in making a modern diary forgery
  76. The Manchester Murders
  77. The Ripper Diary: Old Hoax Theories
  78. The Curious Case of History vs. James Maybrick
  79. Michael Barrett
  80. Mary Kelly's time of death --> Maybrick unlikely to be JTR?
  81. Acquiring A Victorian Diary
  83. Psychics deduce the probable identity of JTR.
  84. Who was the author of the 'Maybrick' diary? Some options.
  85. ** Michael Barrett Interview Transcript - September 1993 **
  86. Would Maybrick Have Wanted The Diary To Be Found?
  87. Acquiring A 20th Century Word Processor
  88. Acquiring a Life
  89. Too Sensible & Competent
  90. New Thoughts On The “diary”
  91. Diary Handwriting
  92. Melvin Harris and his Examination of the Diary
  93. Diary Quirks
  94. Mike Barrett Interview - September 1995
  95. A Very Inky Question
  96. Anne Graham Interview - October 1995
  97. And This Is Factual!