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  1. Viability of Charles Cross as the Ripper
  2. Charles Cross?
  3. Cross The Ripper?
  4. Charles Lechmere, finally vindicated, proof ?
  5. Charles Cross
  6. Was Lech known as Cross at Pickfords??
  7. Scenarios for other murders with Lechmere as culprit
  8. Chas Lechmere/Cross/Crass/Brass/Glass/etc
  9. Cross Theory II
  10. A new critique of the Cross/Lechmere theory from Stewart Evans
  11. The Monty and Fisherman Lechmere thread
  12. The Chapman murder and Charles Lechmere
  13. A Cross by any other name...smells like JtR?
  14. Charles Lechmere interesting link
  15. Lechmere's Behavior in Buck's Row
  16. Charles Allen Lechmere - new suspect?
  17. Lets get Lechmere off the hook!
  18. Charles Cross?
  19. The Lechmere trail - so far
  20. Witnesses Statements Incriminating Charles Cross
  21. Why doesn't Lechmere have his own thread?
  22. This doesnīt bode well!
  23. Lechmere's Lodgers
  24. Lechmere a witness to the killer
  25. Someone has a birthday coming up!
  26. Charles Lechmere: Prototypical Life of a Serial Killer
  27. Lechmere-Cross bye bye
  28. To diagnose a serial killer
  29. Lechmere in Baltimore
  30. If
  31. Motive(s) of Lechmere-Cross
  32. Lies or memory fallibility
  33. I Am Christer's Intellectual Inferior
  34. Lechmere's Consciousness of Guilt
  35. Lechmere Found "With" Nichols' Body
  36. Lechmere Thomas Street address.
  37. What happened to Lechmere......
  38. Solution of The Mizen Scam
  39. Blood on Charles Lechmere
  40. What did a carman look like?
  41. The Timings of the Witnesses
  42. The Lechmere/Cross sources
  43. The liar paradox of Lechmere
  44. Leaving Aside the "Name Issue"
  45. So Cross the Ripper got involved in the investigation. Why did he stop?
  46. Lechmere's Wife - What Do We Know?
  47. Documentary: Jack The Ripper: Has Christer Holmgren discovered the killer's identity?
  48. Lechmere misinterpreted
  49. Lechmere the serial killer?
  50. PC Jonas Mizen
  51. Consciousness of Guilt: Buck's Row
  52. Lechmere was Jack the Ripper
  53. Robert Pauls
  54. Another nail in the Lechmere coffin?
  55. Bardeleben
  56. Historical Lechmere
  57. Lechmere in Mitre Square
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  61. Lechmere/Cross "name issue" Part 2
  62. Lechmere The Psychopath
  63. It was Lechmere.
  64. The Nature of Evidence
  65. Deadly occupations and serial murder
  66. A New Suspect?
  67. Lech versus Kos
  68. So if you live in Bethnal Green, you wonīt kill in Whitechapel?