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  1. Diversity in the Muders
  2. Was Jack inevitable?
  3. JTR: Not even the skill of a butcher?
  4. Did Jack carry a lantern?
  5. The Elusive Jack
  6. Did Jack get a kick of witty women?!
  7. Did Jack kill more than three?
  8. Analytic vs Holistic Reasoning
  9. Did Jack meet his victims prior to their murder
  10. Jack's favourite songs?
  11. Geographic Profiler clears Kosminski, collars Chapman....
  12. Was Jack a Kosher Killer?
  13. A blood-stained Ripper, or not?
  14. Lead Exposure?
  15. Why weren't there any killings in October 1888?
  16. Nice profile!
  17. Ressler's FBI Profile
  18. What was the IQ of Jack?!
  19. Various language speaking Ripper
  20. Animal Model?
  21. More than one killer theory dismissed
  22. Could Jack have been a rogue copper?
  23. Territorial identity
  24. Just how bloody WAS Jack
  25. The Ripper & surgical skill
  26. Violence Genes
  27. Lessons of the Murders - British Medical Journal
  28. Did the killer burn his hat?
  29. Were all the vics strangled?
  30. FBI file on Jack the Ripper
  31. Why did the Whitechapel murders stop?
  32. Is there a in-depth profile of Jack?
  33. A conversation with Jack
  34. Cocaine?
  35. How did he "disappear"?
  36. Did the Ripper Stab His Victims BEFORE Going for the Jugular?
  37. Why did he stop?
  38. Did the Ripper strangle his victims?
  39. Jack was a socialiste ?
  40. Serial Killers - Are They Necessary?
  41. Can Serial Killers Quit?
  42. wondering what crimesdid JTR commit before the murders???
  43. Sexual or not?
  44. choked rather than strangled
  45. Three cases of interruption?
  46. When will Jack strike next?
  47. Jack's housing arrangements
  48. If the Police Had a Modern Understanding of Serial Killers
  49. m.o. and the serial
  50. M.O. expression with serials
  51. Making Organized/Disorganized Paradigm Useful
  52. Accelerators, Brakes, and Motives
  53. Fleeing covered in blood......
  54. facial mutilations
  55. If Jack had been cornered
  56. No one between double event locations ?
  57. What would JtR do after Kelly?
  58. Could the killer have been a transexual?
  59. Why face mutilations on last 2 victims only
  60. Why face mutilations on last 2 victims only
  61. The Use of the Knife
  62. The Ripper's Signature........
  63. Age of the Ripper?
  64. Jack Invented by Journalists?
  65. The Ripper's MO....
  66. Jack and his personality(s)
  67. Jack's choice of victims
  68. Jack's Punishment
  69. Ripper Profile
  70. homosexual serial killers
  71. Why Stop At All
  72. DNA From Children
  73. Where Jack got his Start?
  74. do you see sadism in Jack the Ripper's crimes?
  75. Have We Checked who Just Got Out of Jail?
  76. modus operandi analysis
  77. Strangulation
  78. Brain Differences Found in Psychopaths
  79. the science of criminal profiling
  80. What was Ripper´s diagnosis?
  81. Repeat Visitations
  82. Ripper Timidity?
  83. How Many Hands Does A Killer Have?
  84. motivation
  85. process of elimination
  86. Was Jack fascinated by past tyrants/psychopaths?
  87. Posing
  88. The Ripper's "Charm"
  89. What is the Autumn of Terror?
  90. Only 1 indoor murder?
  91. Heavily bloodied clothing?
  92. Evidence and killings
  93. Evisceration - a side issue?
  94. Dates, the Moon and the Tides ?
  95. Were Jack's crimes fuelled by Alcohol - Yes or No ?
  96. Stabbing murders and attacks?
  97. Moon phases
  98. Why Women?
  99. Mad Men- Degrees of Separation
  100. Did The Ripper Wound Himself?
  101. Weakness in Criminal Profiling
  102. What do you think happened to Jack
  103. If you could
  104. Did Jack try to decapitate
  105. Which Modern Era Killer Shares Most Similarity with Jack the Ripper?
  106. The mind of "Jack The Ripper"`
  107. It is true or false that Jack killed in complete darkness?
  108. Do you think mutilation
  109. Do you think JtR stayed in a common lodging house?
  110. Was JTR a member of the Whitechapel Vigilance Committee?
  111. Serial Killers, A pattern???
  112. "Ripper Crimes Are Contagious" States 1907 Article
  113. 1896: 'Relation Between Dissecting Rooms & Homicide' (Ripper/Holmes)
  114. Did JtR Wander Around For Hours Looking For Likely Victim
  115. Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde
  116. sexually motivated serial killers
  117. premeditated murder
  118. Time Pattern of the Killings
  119. Did Jack "Pose" his victims.
  120. Would JTR been famous elsewhere?
  121. Finding Jack - Methodology
  122. Previous Random Assaults of Women?
  123. Celebrity suspects today......
  124. Motives
  125. Serial Killer Obstetricians
  126. Jack would he have attacked men?
  127. JTR: Native or Foreigner?
  128. ripper lore
  129. psychopaths and their bad press
  130. Diagnosis
  131. Did the Ripper rip through clothing?
  132. what is the general opinion ?
  133. Motive....
  134. Sexual Perversion & Whitechapel Murders, LVP Med Articles
  135. Criminal sociology and anthropology
  136. Why didn't Jack rape his victims?
  137. Escalation: What would Jack do after Mary Kelly?
  138. A Bit of Fun..
  139. Hiding in the Vigilance Committee
  140. opinions on Krafft-Ebing
  141. a modern look at prevelence rates
  142. JtR's Ideal Victim Type
  143. cutting throats
  144. Surgical skill in the late 19th century
  145. JTR Motives List
  146. Bucks Row
  147. methodology of throat cutting
  148. Comfort Zone
  149. I Shant Quit Ripping
  150. Ripper Anatomy Class
  151. Time After Time
  152. Examination of a Motive
  153. The Coroner's theory
  154. The Chemical Accomplice
  155. Jack the Ripper(s)
  156. Signifigance of the Organs and Their Removal
  157. Calling all Criminologists! What Theories can you apply to the JTR case?
  158. How did he do it?
  159. Why do you think Jack stopped?
  160. Social factors for JTR murders
  161. Fuelled by publicity?
  162. JtR: arsonist?
  163. Was clothing a factor in selection of victims?
  164. Ripper a social reformer?
  165. Guinea pigs
  166. Psychopathic Speech Patterns
  167. Parts NOT attacked
  168. Polly Nichols
  169. Double Event Timeline
  170. A contender for the knife?
  171. An idea about the signs of asphyxia
  172. A possible organ container?
  173. Subdued or Sleeping?
  174. Profiling the Whitechapel killer
  175. The Whitechapel murderer .
  176. Was the Ripper a Deerstalker ?
  177. On suicide
  178. Motives-twisted oedipus complex?
  179. On concealment.
  180. Jacks Carriage ?
  181. October's London Fog
  182. "Down On Whores"
  183. What kind of knives were used?
  184. Jack the Somatic Narcissist
  185. Victorian Work Schedules
  186. Faecal matter on apron piece
  187. Motives for Druitt and Kosminski?
  188. Was Jack enraged by watching soliciting
  189. Did Two Early Profilers Name Jack the Ripper?
  190. New Ripper angle
  191. Cotard's delusion
  192. Patterns formed by murder locations
  193. Does the M.O. rule anyone out?
  194. Can we diagnose a suspect?
  195. Assumption buster #1 M.O.
  196. A bizarre theory of the MJK murder
  197. Occam’s Razor, or why I love the Ripper murders.
  198. Is the Annie Chapman murder different?
  199. "Facial Mutilations = the killer knew the victim"
  200. Do post mortem mutilators typically communicate with the police?
  201. Left or right handed.
  202. The locations
  203. What's your profile for Jack?
  204. Dressed to kill.
  205. Rich man, poor man, beggarman, farmer?
  206. Did he have anatomical knowledge?
  207. What had to have happened?
  208. Consistent distances between murders?
  209. What did the copy-cat killer copy?
  210. Anything Goes
  211. Did Jack gross himself out..?
  212. Sewers & Carriages
  213. Did the Ripper want to be caught?
  214. Lunacy Act
  215. Was JtR a necrophile?
  216. Did JTR ever change his M.O. intentionally?
  217. Organ removal not at the crime scene
  218. How Fast An Operator Was JtR?
  219. JTR - Cunning, Careful, or Lucky?
  220. Zodiac-type Terrorist?
  221. Double event victims - Throat wounds
  222. Poll: Organs/body parts removed or not?
  223. He Must Have Done Something Before
  224. The FBI Profile of Jack the Ripper & it's usefulness
  225. Ecchymosis, swollen tongues, severed windpipes and blood loss
  226. Facial Mutilations
  227. Blood Libel
  228. Pathological Issues: Is It Perhaps What It Looks Like ?
  229. Why those particular victims?
  230. Appearances
  231. Political Motive?
  232. Sent to an asylum?
  233. Front or Rear attack?
  234. Eddowes facial mutilations and advanced untreated syfilis
  235. Missing hour between Mitre Square and Goulston Street
  236. Did Poison Play A Role In The Murders?
  237. How would someone in 1888 have "prasarved" a kidney?
  238. Why not always indoors?
  239. The Ripper & Ed Gein
  240. JtRs ability to manipulate society into the 21st century
  241. Illuminating JtR
  242. Did JtR murder on his days off work?
  243. Once you have eliminated the impossible
  244. Possible knife problem?
  245. Was PC Smith the catalyst?
  246. The Gelsenium Speculation
  247. Victimology, MO, signature
  248. Theatre
  249. Ligature Signature, or How did Jack the Ripper get his ligature knowledge?
  250. A question about murder locations...