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  20. The Matthews Police Report-May 1996
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  22. A6 Murder who wrote the letter to Gregsten's boss complaining of the relationship?
  23. Hanratty's and Dixie France's :movements in lead up to 21st August
  24. Orbituary : Michael Sherrard QC James Hanratty's trial barrister 1962
  25. Appeal for Clemency by Michael Sherrard
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  27. Rob Harriman: Hanratty - The DNA Travesty (Kindle E-Book)
  28. Mail's feature of 1999 on Hanratty by Roger Matthews
  29. Alan Razen: Hanratty, The Inconvenient Truth
  30. The attack on Swedish housewife Mrs Meike Dalal on Thursday, September 7th 1961
  31. The Case That Will Never Die
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