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  1. Lusk Letter sent to George Lusk of the vigilante committee
  2. Graphologist Claims Tumblety wrote the Lusk Letter
  3. The Lusk Letter - Swanson's Transcription
  4. Jack's writing?
  5. Kidney
  6. Where had the Lusk Letter Been?
  7. whereabouts now?
  8. From Hell (Lusk) Letter likely Fake
  9. 121 years later
  10. "...I may send you the bloody knif..."
  11. Let's use our imagination ...
  12. Some questions about the "From Hell" letter
  13. Perhaps?
  14. Rasgos esenciales de esta carta
  15. From Who?
  16. A Redacted Translation.....
  17. Written in an imitative Irish/"foreign" patois?
  18. Nationality of the author
  19. The paper
  20. Does the Lusk "Say boss, You seem rare frigthened" letter still exist?
  21. Quick Q/Observation on Lusk Letter
  22. Is this true?
  23. 'it was nice' Observation
  24. Miss Emily Marsh
  25. Sor, Sir and the i-dot
  26. Was the Ripper German?
  27. JtR knife
  28. Real, prank, or other?
  29. Are there adverse effects from eating a kidney with Bright's disease?
  30. Emily Marsh and the 'from hell' letter