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Old 11-18-2017, 02:40 AM
AmericanSherlock AmericanSherlock is offline
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Originally Posted by John G View Post
Yes, from a modern perspective Wallace's stoicism does seem odd and, in fairness, even at the time the police took the view that his attitude was not what you would have expected from someone who'd just found is wife brutally murdered.

However, Wallace was born in a different era, and seems to have been the very epitome of the repressed, stiff upper lip Englishman.

Moreover, people who knew the Wallace's well seed to have takeb a different view. For instance, Mr Johnstone stated that, at the murder scene, he seemed to be in shock, and that he eventually broke down and sobbed. Whereas Mrs Johnstone stated at trial that she saw nothing wrong with his demeanour.

In fact, remarkably even Parry, in his statement to the police, said that he regarded them as a "devoted couple." And, of course, he had no reason to lie and every reason to do the opposite as suspicion would surely have focussed on him if Wallace was deemed innocent.

To my mind, the police's investigation was botched from the very beginning, as they continued to pursue Wallace even when Wildman's statement and the forensic evidence seemed to exonerate him. In fact, the case should never have been brought to court, and if must have been an extremely rare occurance for the Court of Appeal to overturn a verdict without further evidence being presented.

Further considering the police's blinkered view of the case, Parry was an obvious alternative suspect, who'd lied about his alibi for the Qualtrough call, and yet, according to CCJ's book, they didn't even bother to check out all of his alibis for the night of the murder, instead accepting the time estimates of a 15 year old boy and a woman who knew Parry well and whose husband happened to be at sea!

That doesn't mean she lied, of course, of even that she was having an affair with Parry, but at the very least the police should surely have considered the possibility and carried out a more thorough investigation.
Hi, John I agree with most of the points you make here.

However, I would disagree that the case shouldn't have even been brought up against Wallace.
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