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Old 12-31-2017, 03:49 AM
John G John G is offline
Join Date: Sep 2014
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Originally Posted by AmericanSherlock View Post
Happy Birthday John!

Hope you all had a Merry Christmas and wishing you a Happy New Year

I think the timeline of events is very significant. I'm trying to say this without sounding prejudiced to my conclusion; If Wallace was guilty, then the timing lines up exactly with what you would expect. At least from my POV, he would not be able to act until the milk boy had come and left and then he would have to spring into action right away.

Whether you think this is even possible is another question we've debated in the past as regards to the limited time he would have, being bloodfree, and the weapon disposal. But I think it's a bit odd that the time line fits that scenario, when if he left literally just a few minutes earlier, he would be totally in the clear.

And as CAZ points out, one could be forgiven for expecting that he would do so.

Therefore it becomes important to consider whether it is reasonable that he left when he did, changed collar, had tea etc. It strikes me if he was that casual about heading on business to an unfamiliar address across town, it is odd he went all.

His going on a lousy winter's evening when his wife was sick with cold, on a day he made 400 calls shows that for some reason he found it very important to go. He could be forgiven for not going at all and blowing Qualtrough off or assuming it was a prank. In his shoes, I probably would have done so. Instead, he decides to go, showcasing how critical this prospective client was to him. One could argue that he was sufficiently enticed by the chance at a commission or "professional recognition", but then why was he so casual with the timing, arriving in the neighborhood right before 7:30 without knowing precisely where he was going? This also, to my mind, makes it more surprising that he did not consult a map beforehand for such a crucial business venture.
Thanks for the birthday greetings, AS!

I agree that he could be forgiven for not going to the appointment at all. As you graphically point out, he'd already had an arduous day at work, which must have involved a great deal of walking as he didn't have a car. And, of course, he was also disabled and was recovering from the flu.

However, although I think the decision must have been marginal-he indicated to Caird that he might not go- ultimately he might have just needed the money. For instance, he'd been off work for a significant period, and as this was the 1930s I doubt he would have qualified for sick pay. And his salary was probably largely, if not entirely, commission based anyway.

Nonetheless, once he decides to go, I think the timeline makes sense, I.e. arriving home just after 6:00pm, following his last regular appointment, has a light tea, and then a quick wash and change of dress before leaving for the tram.

Why didn't he consult a map? Well, to begin with I assume he didn't possess one. Moreover, he might have only decided to go at the last minute: He told Caird that he might not go and Beattie had mentioned it was a bad place to be after dark.

I also think there was a certain arrogance about the man. For instance, he stated at the chess club, "I belong to Liverpool. I have a tongue in my head."

Moreover, timewise would it have been practical for him to have consulted a map on the day of the visit, i.e. from a library, considering he had no car and had numerous appointments to attend?

Last edited by John G : 12-31-2017 at 04:02 AM.
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