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Old 02-17-2017, 11:03 AM
Patrick S Patrick S is offline
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If Polly Nichols the first victim of Jack the Ripper, then we must consider that she was killed at the doorstep of James Green, who lived with his mother, sister, and brother at New Cottage, Buck’s Row, literally above the exact spot where Polly Nichols was murdered on August 30, 1888. It was James Green who washed the blood from the pavement after Nichols’ body had been removed to the mortuary.

Charles Cross (Lechmere) passed through Buck’s Row at approximately 3:45am on August 30, 1888. He saw on the ground the body of woman, lying almost directly in front of the building in which James Green lived. Cross heard another man, Robert Paul, approaching. He and Paul inspected the body. They found the woman’s exposed face and hands cold. Paul also tells us that he noticed the woman’s “clothes were disarranged, and he helped to pull them down". Paul felt that the woman may be alive, as he detected “a slight movement as of breathing, but very faint.” The two men noticed no wounds. They saw no blood. The men agreed to leave the woman where she was and to continue on together until they found a police officer.

A few moments later PC John Neil passed through Bucks Row, as he had just thirty minutes prior. He too noticed the woman lying on the pavement. He described his actions at the inquest the following day:

“(I) noticed blood oozing from a wound in the throat. She was lying on her back, with her clothes disarranged. I felt her arm, which was quite warm from the joints upwards. Her eyes were wide open. Her bonnet was off and lying at her side, close to the left hand. I heard a constable passing Brady-street, so I called him. I did not whistle.” Neil would go on to describe what he saw further, “There was a pool of blood just where her neck was lying. It was running from the wound in her neck.”

Shortly after 4:00am Dr. Henry Llewellyn arrived in Buck’s Row. He found that the victim's “hands and wrists were cold, but the body and lower extremities were warm”.

Let’s pause here to examine the facts as they’ve been related to us by those who were present in Buck’s Row on August 30, 1888.

-At approximately 3:20am PC John Neil passes through Buck’s Row. He sees “no one”.

-At around 3:45am Cross and Paul found Polly Nichols – perhaps alive, perhaps not – lying on the pavement in Buck’s Row, mere feet from James Green’s home. Paul tells us that her clothes were “disarranged” and the he “helped to pull them down”.

-Some few minutes after Cross and Paul leave the body in Buck’s Row to find a policeman (likely around 3:50am), PC Neil again passes through Buck’s Row. He sees Nichols’ body and, with the aid of his lamp, discovers a neck wound that he describes as “oozing”, blood “running” from it to a pool beneath the neck. Neil notices that the woman’s arms is “quite warm”. Strangely, Neil tells us that Nichol’s was “lying on her back, with her clothes disarranged”, even though Paul claims to have “helped to pull them down” just moments before.

-Dr. Llewellyn arrives just after 4:00am. He too finds the woman’s body and “lower extremities” warm.

The evidence STRONGLY suggests that Polly Nichols was likely either unconscious or dead from strangulation when Cross and Paul inspected the body at 3:45am and saw no wounds or blood. The man who throttled her and began his sexual assault (before hearing Cross approach), pulling her clothing up in “disarrangement”, was now hidden safely indoors. He waited for the two men to leave. Knowing he had several minutes before Neil again came through Buck’s Row (he had observed and timed Neil’s beat since the PC passed directly in front of his home) he returned to the body, cut her throat, again “disarranging” her clothing in order to begin mutilating her abdomen (wounds which would be discovered at the mortuary later that morning). Upon hearing the footsteps of PC Neil he again retreated indoors, to the safety of his home. Although, he did return to the murder scene later to wash the blood from the pavement in front of his family’s home.

James Green was Jack the Ripper.

James Green’s first victim was Polly Nichols. It has been established that serial killers often take their first victim close the safety of home. In this case, literally upon the killer’s doorstep. His next victim was Annie Chapman, a half mile away at 29 Hanbury Street. He then killed Katherine Eddowes, just less than a mile from his home in Buck’s Row, in Mitre Square. His final victim was Mary Kelly, killed in her room in Miller’s Court, again, just less than a mile from James Greens front door.

Last edited by Patrick S : 02-17-2017 at 11:11 AM.
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